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Deconstruct the experience. What are the three acts of this story? What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?


LinkThe Three Acts of a Mathematical Story

Finish the Story

Popcorn Picker

Which acts are missing? What media or information would you need to gather to turn these partial stories into complete math problems?

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  1. Email a photo or a video that’s less than one minute long to that you think will provoke a lot of questions. Also bring it tomorrow.
  2. Take the end-of-the-day survey.

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A self-scoring rubric for assignment #1:

  • +1 – It generates a question.
  • +1 – That question is guessable.
  • +1 – Answering the question requires more information.
  • +1 – Interpreting the answer requires contextual knowledge.
  • +1 – The answer can be validated.


Illustrating different facets of modeling:

LinkFunction Carnival

LinkGraphing Stories

LinkSketchy Graphs


Illustrating the process of “developing the question”:

1. Create an informal graph with no units. That might be fun for students to fill out. That might express their personhood. Fill it out yourself ten data points.

2. Create and send in a 15 second video. Choose the y-axis. Graph your y-axis over time.

Send all of this, with team names, to


  1. Bring in a textbook task you’d like to make over.
  2. Take the end-of-the-day survey.

LinkEnd of Day Survey

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Barbie Bungee

After watching the Teaching Channel video and reviewing these five handouts, what are ways the Barbie Bungee project can go wrong and how can you make sure it goes right?

linkTeaching Channel Barbie Bungee Lesson

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