Super Stairs

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Deconstruct the experience. What are the three acts of this story? What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?


LinkThe Three Acts of a Mathematical Story

Finish the Story

Popcorn Picker

Which acts are missing? What media or information would you need to gather to turn these partial stories into complete math problems?

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  1. Email a photo or a video that’s less than one minute long to that you think will provoke a lot of questions. Also bring it tomorrow.
  2. Take the end-of-the-day survey.

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A self-scoring rubric for assignment #1:

  • +1 – It generates a question.
  • +1 – That question is guessable.
  • +1 – Answering the question requires more information.
  • +1 – Interpreting the answer requires contextual knowledge.
  • +1 – The answer can be validated.